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High-Quality Instructional Materials

What is the Nebraska Instructional Materials Collaborative? (Hosted by Cory Epler, Nebraska Department of Education on September 27, 2018)


Description:  Learn more about the Nebraska Instructional Materials Collaborative and the resources NDE has developed to support the selection and implementation of high-quality instructional materials.  Contact: Cory Epler ([email protected])

English Language Arts

Teaching with Text Sets: K-5 Instructional Practices and Reading Resources for Building Knowledge (Hosted by Marissa Payzant, American Reading Company, and Open Up Resources) on August 7, 2020.


Description: Text sets, which are collections of print and digital resources focused on a high-interest topic, are a powerful tool for helping students build background knowledge and vocabulary. Please join this event to learn more from reading experts about text sets in practice, including resources for prioritizing instructional content and remote learning. (Please note:  Breakout sessions started at 1:00:00 on the recording. Please skip to 2:43:00 for more presentation). Building Knowledge through Text Sets PowerPoint


High Quality Instructional Materials in ELA (Hosted by Marissa Payzant, Nebraska Department of Education and Katie Keown, Student Achievement Partners on March 15, 2019)


Description: This webinar highlights the instructional materials landscape today and how the selection of high-quality ELA materials can make a difference in student outcomes and learning.  Contact: Marissa Payzant ([email protected]) and Katie Keown ([email protected])


Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) and Amplify ELA (Hosted by Amplify on March 18, 2019)


Description: Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) for PreK–5 is a curriculum that combines rich, diverse content knowledge in history, science, literature, and the arts in an intentional sequence with explicit, systematic foundational skills instruction to improve comprehension. Amplify ELA is built specifically for middle school students and teachers.  Amplify ELA includes embedded teacher support, powerful differentiation tools, print and digital instruction and more to improve student outcomes for middle school students.  Amplify Contact: Bob McCarty ([email protected])


EL Education and Bookworms (Hosted by Open Up Resources on March 19, 2019)


Description: EL Education K–5 Language Arts is designed around science and social studies topics, and is proven to improve literacy outcomes, higher-order thinking, and teacher-effectiveness when paired with professional learning. Bookworms K–5 Reading and Writing, a research-based curriculum designed to make high-quality literacy instruction easier for teachers, balances fiction with nonfiction texts and spans a broad range of topics. Open Up Resources Contact: Christina Magee ([email protected])


ARC Core  (Hosted by the American Reading Company on March 20, 2019)


Description: ARC Core is a basal alternative designed to dramatically improve outcomes for both students and teachers. Organized into thematic units, ARC Core provides flexibility for districts to customize its scope and sequence, and is available K-12 in English and K-5 in Spanish.

Nebraska 2014 College and Career Ready ELA Standards ARC Core Crosswalk 


American Reading Company Contact: Andy Lowery ([email protected])


Wit & Wisdom (Hosted by Great Minds on March 21, 2019)


Description: Wit & Wisdom is a K–8 ELA curriculum that allows teachers to celebrate the joy of reading and writing with all learners while maintaining the rigor the standards demand.  Each Wit & Wisdom module centers on the study of rich and engaging texts, curated to build students background knowledge, vocabulary, and writing proficiency. Great Minds Contact: Abbie Nilles ([email protected])


ReadyGEN (Hosted by Pearson on March 22, 2019)


Description: ReadyGEN is an integrated approach to reading and writing instruction for students in grades K–6. Authentic, rigorous text sets build knowledge around unit themes that actively engage students, and a complete array of print and digital resources provide teachers with daily support and flexibility. Point-of-use scaffolds, strategic support, and individualized intervention provide the resources to accelerate learning for all.

Pearson Contact: Patti Crowley ([email protected])


Understanding Structured Literacy  (Hosted by Abby Burke and Rhea Hochstein, Nebraska Department of Education, October 24, 2019)


Description:  Structured literacy is an effective approach for students who experience reading difficulties or have reading disabilities including dyslexia. Research has indicated that students learn to read better with structured literacy teaching components and methods. Learn the connection between the Nebraska Reading Improvement Act, the Dyslexia Act, reading-related difficulties, and dyslexia. Facilitators will describe components and key principles of structured literacy. This Webinar will be of interest to PreK-12 general and special education teachers, school and district leaders, reading specialists / interventionists.  Contact: Rhea Hochstein ([email protected]) and Abby Burke ([email protected]).


Implementing Culturally Responsive ELA Instructional Materials – Learning from Open Up Resources (Hosted by Open Up Resources on February 5, 2020)


Description: What does cultural responsiveness look like within high-quality instructional materials? This webinar highlights the approach taken by Open Up Resources to design instructional materials with equity in mind. EL Education Language Arts (K-8), a content-based curriculum with a student-centered approach, provides teachers with embedded supports to meet all learners’ needs. Bookworms Reading & Writing (K-5), a high-volume, high-interest approach to literacy, is driven by research and designed to help students develop a love for reading by exposing them to all kinds of texts. In this webinar, we’ll highlight how both curricula embed equitable and culturally responsive teaching practices in their philosophy and structure. Open Up Contact Christina Magee ([email protected])



Ph.D. Science (Hosted by Great Minds on February 19, 2020)


Description:  PhD Science inspires students to wonder about the world and empowers them to make sense of it. They examine authentic real-world phenomena through observation, questioning, modeling, investigation, and evidence-based argumentation, building knowledge of core science topics and a scientific understanding of how the world works. Great Minds Contact: Abbie Nilles ([email protected])

Amplify Science (Hosted by Amplify on March 28, 2019)


Description:  Description: Amplify Science engages students in a relevant, real-world problem where they investigate scientific phenomena, engage in collaboration and discussion, and develop models or explanations in order to arrive at solutions.  Amplify Contact: Bob McCarty ([email protected])