Social Studies

Vision for Social Studies Education

The Social Studies’ Nebraska Instructional Materials Collaborative seeks to guide and/or remind educators what they should be looking for when selecting high quality social studies instructional materials. Materials selection is still being developed, but there are a few considerations when selecting instructional materials for social studies:


  • Discourse surrounding social studies instructional materials may vary by region, policies, social studies standards, etc. Even now as you read this statement, how social studies instructional materials are viewed and presented are being discussed and prone to modifications.
  • Currently, there are few in-depth, reliable, and widely accepted instructional materials review for social studies. This leaves many school districts/school systems struggling to identify guidance on what “quality” looks like in social studies instructional materials. Resources that can be leveraged to determine quality in social studies instructional materials are growing and we look to update this tab often with the most current information.
  • Resources provided on this tab were created using materials that have already been used and vetted by other social studies educators, but we are still in the process of scrutinizing and evaluating some of the tools listed in this guide.


Social Studies Education continues to evolve. As a result, we will share resources and materials that empower Nebraska school districts, school systems, and social studies educators in selecting and implementing high quality social studies instructional materials.

Ebony McKiver

Social Studies Education Specialist


[email protected]